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Over the past few years, resilience has gained recognition as one of the most necessary skills to meet the constant challenges of a fast-changing world. In fact, it has become practically essential for coping with the context we are all currently living in. Esade Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to a webinar entitled “Find Your Inner Strength”, led by certified coach, trainer and change consultant Alison Bazeley. During the session, we will discuss the following topics: - What do we mean by resilience? - Why is it important? - How can we develop it? Alison Bazeley Alison has 19 years of international experience at major consumer goods multinationals. Her experience includes being a member of international human-resources teams as well as nine years as a management committee member. As a coach, she is certified and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She currently provides executive and team coaching services to companies as a Senior Career Transition Consultant at Lee Hecht Harrison.

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