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“Who wants to buy a $200 000 dress? A strategic lesson from Haute-Couture” by Francois Collet

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Haute Couture (i.e. High-End handmade women’s clothing) used to be a highly profitable industry that employed hundreds of thousands of people. Today it counts probably less than a thousand clients worldwide. But large houses continue to be active in this domain. Why? To get to know the answer we interviewed directly 26 top executive, former executive in groups such as Dior, Givenchy, Hermes, Karl Lagarfeld, Schiaparellli… They told us a fascinating story that explain us why they keep doing in haute-couture and how haute-couture is a springboard for ambitious entrepreneurs. This story gives us strategic insights into the dynamics of cultural industries!


François Collet

François Collet is Associate Professor at ESADE Business School (Ramon Llull University). He holds a PhD from the University of Oxford and an MRes in Pattern Analysis and Neural Networks from the University of Aston and a Masters in Computer Science from the ENSIIE. He is director of the Master of Research. His research focuses on the state and mechanisms of social networks. He is particularly interested in analytical sociology and micro-macro connections. His studies have been published in the Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Social Networks, Strategic Organization and Sociological Theory. Before joining academia, she worked on a risk management application at J.P. Morgan.

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