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Esade Alumni Christmas dinner in Dubai


Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… Christmas is around the corner and Esade Alumni has prepared a fantastic Christmas dinner to celebrate it and network with other alumni and colleagues. 

Top-notch networking is important, but now imagine to combine it with delicious Spanish tapas and good vibes at the beautiful terrace of El Sur Restaurant! Can you think of a better plan?  

This is a family-friendly event, so feel free to forward this invitation to your relatives and friends. They can register through this same form. 

If you would like to attend, you need to register. Once you have registered, you will receive an email from Esade alumni to make the payment via Paypal. Please note that payments must be made in Euro. 

The deadline to register and pay is Thursday 28th November. Any registration or payment after that date won’t be accepted. 

Menu to choose: 

1.    Paella with non-alcoholic drinks (2H Soft drinks and juices): 62€ 
2.    Vegetarian with non-alcoholic drinks (2H Soft drinks and juices): 62€ 
3.    Paella with alcoholic drinks (2H Wine, Beer, Sangria, House Spirits & Soft drinks) 75€ 
4.    Vegetarian with alcoholic drinks (2H Wine, Beer, Sangria, House Spirits & Soft drinks): 75€

Iberian pork charcuterie selection 
Russian salad with mayonnaise foam 
Potatoes in a traditional Brava sauce 
Classic broken eggs with Iberian ham 
Fried calamari “a la romana” with different alioli 
Free range chicken and artichoke paella
Seafood paella (shrimps, prawn and mussels)
Catalan cream with mandarin sorbet

Spanish cheese selection with orange, lychee and apricot and quince jelly 
Confit piquillo peppers with garlic and basil 
Blue cheese, spinach and pine nuts croquettes
Classic Spanish potato omelette
Green asparagus with romesco and manchego cheese
Eggplant with honey, soy and cream cheese
El Sur rice with seasonal mushrooms and black truffle 
Caramelized brioche with lemon ice cream


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