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Will Artificial Intelligence ever understand human reasoning? By Núria Agell

Conferencia | Inglés

Understanding Human Reasoning is one of the main goals of AI. Capturing forms of human-like reasoning and combining them with machine learning will allow intelligent systems to capture the essentials of human’s cognitive activities. In this talk advances on this area of AI will be presented and some real research examples being developed in ESADE Data Driven Decisions Institute will be presented.

Esade Alumni Tel Aviv Chapter invites you January 29th at 19h to an informal dinner-talk where we will have the opportunity to listen to Esade professor Núria Agell while having some drinks and food. An easy, informal and fun way to learn about Artificial Intelligence!


Núria Agell

She has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Barcelona with a thesis on the modelling of qualitative reasoning.

Nowadays, her research areas focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence techniques and Systems for Decision Making. In particular, she works on Systems with automatic learning, qualitative and fuzzy reasoning, multi-criteria and group decision, recommendation systems and consensus modelling.

Currently, she is the main coordinator of several projects related to the application of artificial intelligence to business, marketing and finance, sponsored by public institutions or private organizations on the application of artificial intelligence techniques to marketing and business.

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