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Alumni Social believes it is crucial to strengthen the boards of trustees and non-profit-making entities. The donors, sponsors and partners of these entities are increasingly interested in ensuring that their governing bodies run smoothly and have ever higher standards of transparency and accountability.

Encouraging alumni to take part in NGO boards of trustees

Some ESADE alumni have an outstanding personal background and career, and also want to help and get involved with non-profit-making entities. One of the most effective ways is become a member of the board of trustees. Several NGOs have mentioned to us that they need to renew the members of their boards.

By encouraging networking among ESADE alumni and the directors and persons in charge of NGOs, we aim to help our finest alumni become members of different boards of trustees. This is yet another step forward in ESADE’s growing involvement in society.

  • Transparency
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Successions and renovations
  • Juridic responsibility


January 28 and 29
February 11 and 12

Place: Esade Barcelona


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