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Inversores en el startup day de ESADE alumni

Advantages of being an investor

ESADE BAN attracts business projects from several different sources. One of the main ones is the 15,000 ESADE alumni and their contacts. Cooperation agreements with other entities and networks of investors also provide ESADE BAN with projects.

ESADE BAN begins by filtering the projects received according to the criteria of the investors it represents.

ESADE BAN members then help select the best remaining projects.

All the projects retained after the first selection are visible to ESADE BAN members so that regardless of the investment forums held, ESADE BAN members can enquire about any project at any time. The on-line platform facilitates the visibility and evaluation of investment opportunities for ESADE BAN members.

ESADE BAN facilitates co-investment between members of the network and also with other entities, companies or networks that the association has agreements with.

ESADE BAN’s agreements with entities such as ENISA facilitate access to public finance as leverage for investment. In the case of ENISA, participative loans with attractive conditions are subject to participating in corporate equity.

ESADE BAN’s representative in the associations AEBAN and EBAN aims to have business angels granted tax arrangements similar to those of venture capital companies and income tax deductions similar to those of private investors in countries including France, UK and Portugal. Such measures would to help foster the creation and development of business in general.

Members of ESADE BAN will have preferential conditions when enrolling in the “Business Angels School” course.

ESADE BAN knows how important life-long training is for business angels, so each investment forum devotes some time to refresher sessions that take a practical look at aspects of the investment process.

The “Open Deals” section of our platform enables access to projects from other investment networks.

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