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Contact ESADE Alumni if you have also forgotten the email addresses you used to sign up or if these are no longer valid.


Browse this link, you must log in using your current username and password. Once you have done it, you will be able to access the password change process.

Fill in the form in the "Become a member" section and follow the steps indicated.

Send an email to or a fax to +34 934 952 068, stating your name, surname, passport, and reasons why you wish to cancel your membership. You will receive an email confirming that you are no longer a member.

Call ESADE Alumni (935530217) or send an email to A new card will be sent out to you in the post.

Go to the "My Profile" link in the left-hand column of our site.

Send an email to or a fax to +34 934 952 068, giving your new bank details.

Yes. When you finish your studies and belong to ESADE Alumni, you can continue using your student codes to access all the services offered on our website.

The ESADE Alumni Career Services offers you its new Job Board ESADE Career Portal in which you will be able to update your CV and apply for job offers, among other options.

Visit "Giving-back consultants" page to find all the info related to the project


For now, our videos are made in Flash and to be able to view them in any browser, it is necessary to have Flash Player activated in each of them.

Since Flash is known for excessive resource consumption, browsers are opting to block it by default. This is the case of Mozilla, who has already decided to block all versions of Flash Player in it's browser.

In these links you'll find detailed instructions to enable Flash: 

We are currently working on improving our users experience with a new solution for playing videos.

You can search for people in the network through the ESADE Alumni Directory

You can search for events using the "Events Agenda" located on the left column of our website. You can search for the event you are interested in by title, location, date or topic. Furthermore, you may search only by date using our "Events Calendar". Once you have found the event, click the button "Register Now!" and fill in the form.

Visit our "Content Hub" and you will find the session's materials there.