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7th Annual Meeting ESADE Alumni Asturias Club


The ESADE Alumni Asturias Club is pleased to invite you on Friday 14 June to: “The digital economy and platform capitalism. Social and political implications” a talk by David Murillo.

The digital economy and the performance of tech giants are rewriting the rules of competition. Alongside these changes, political and regulatory reactions are beginning to emerge in response to the onset of issues related to this new digital world. How far does digital privacy go? What can companies do/not do with our data? Information about us circulates freely on the internet and is held by companies, but who does this information belong to? Who should be responsible for the algorithms that make automatic but crucial decisions about our lives? This talk is a two-fold review of the social transformations caused by technology, and also, particularly, a first attempt to define the skills that executives will need in the era of automation.


David Murillo

David Murillo is an associate professor in the ESADE department of social sciences. He has worked in the financial sector in commercial banking; in the public sector as a local development agent; and in the non-profit sector as a manager of an NGO in the realm of community mental health. In 2002 he joined the Instituto de Persona, Empresa y Sociedad (now the Instituto de Innovación Social), where he worked first as a research assistant and then, from 2006 onwards, as an associate researcher. In 2009 he became an associate professor in the department of social sciences and researcher at the Instituto de Innovación Social. His academic work focuses on corporate social responsibility, economic ethics, geopolitics and globalization. His latest book is Social Innovation: Pathways to Systemic Change. He has been a visiting or guest professor at many universities around the world, including Universitat de Girona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Sevilla, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), ESAN (Peru) and Sogang Business School (Korea). He has also been a CSR consultant for the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Ministry of Industry of Spain, the UNDP and the UN IDB. He regularly presents the findings of his research in congresses around the world and is a regular contributor to several written media.


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