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The FASE method. The road to greater personal performance and effectiveness, by Agustín Peralt


The ESADE Alumni Galicia Club invites you to "The FASE Method. The road to greater personal performance and effectiveness", a talk by Agustín Peralt (MBA 96), personal performance coach and mentor for executives.

Want to discover a simple way of increasing your everyday productivity by at least 30%? Want to be less stressed and feel you advance towards your goals each day? Willing to do what’s necessary to have more quality time in your personal life?

In today’s world no one disagrees that we are headed for a model that entails many hours and lower productivity, so people are acutely aware of the need to address these issues. In response, Augustín Peralt has developed the FASE method – Focus, Attention, Systematisation and Energy – which enables executives to set out the next day along this new road to greater personal performance. The FASE method has already been implemented successfully in many Spanish and international companies.


Agustín Peralt

Agustín Peralt holds a PhD (Politécnica de Valencia) and degree in Economics and Business (University of Valencia). During his career, Agustín has held a variety of posts in marketing, sales and management in multinationals such as Hasbro and Danone and family firms with an international outlook. After more than 15 years’ management experience, Agustín reinvented himself in 2012 in the sphere of executive education. He is now a professor at the Universidad Europea and a visiting professor at HVA University in Amsterdam, and a speaker, and consultant-mentor for executives.


See you there!

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