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Green Economy. Blue Economy.

Conferencia | Spanish

June 19 OF 2019 from 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

The ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club is delighted to invite you to their annual conference on 19 June. Two experts in the sector will examine the key factors and links between two economies of strategic importance for the future of the Balearic Islands.

Green economy: Dr Aina Canaleta, head of the circular economy and sustainable development bureau at Tirme, S.A.
Blue economy: Gulsan Atalay, manager of the Balearic Marine Cluster

The Balearic Islands are an autonomous region of Spain with two strategic sectors in parallel with its main industry (tourism): sustainability and the sea. These two closely interwoven sectors are both necessary to ensure a sustainable future with high value added.
With more than 15 million visitors each year, mainly to coastal areas, we are one of the most tourist-intensive places in the world. We import more than 80% of our consumer goods and this has a considerable impact on our ecosystem. Innovating in the circular economy may be the answer to the need for waste management and recycling in an area surrounded by a sea often used as a skip or a dump.
On the other hand, the nautical and marine sector is one of the greatest sources of value added in our economy and is based on the main natural resource in our landscape: a sea in good condition.

This will also a great opportunity to meet up with ESADE alumni again.

See you there!

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