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The impact of energy efficiency on a company's P&L account and CSR


March 28 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Balearics Club is pleased to invite you to their forthcoming talk, 'The impact of energy efficiency on a company’s P&L account and CSR' within the cycle of healthy conferences co-organized by ESADE Alumni and SALES & FIT. This conference will be presented by Sergio Pastor Colldeforns on Thursday, 28 March at 19.00.

We will take a look at the past evolution and future outlook on the basis of the following aims:

-    Focus on energy efficiency as a mandatory need in view of objective data from different viewpoints:
-    Limitation of current resources
-    International regulations
-    Optimisation of the economic results of governments and companies

Sergio Pastor Colldeforns

Sergio Pastor Colldeforns (Master Dir. Adm. Empresas 79), Finance Director at Sony Spain, Director of Diversification at Aguas de Barcelona, creator of APPplus, CEO FICOSA ENERGY and Partner in the Finance and Business Development Area of Sales & Fit.