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Kanban: The Journey Towards Business Agility

Conferencia | Spanish

The Esade Alumni Basque Country Club is pleased to invite you to a session entitled “Kanban: The Journey Towards Business Agility” at 7.00 pm on 19th December. 

At this session, you will discover the Kanban method, how it works, how it is developed at the individual level and how it is implemented at the corporate scale. These key ideas will help you enhance your business agility in your job, as well as in the management and coordination of teams and their functions. 

Teodora Bozheva is a consultant and business coach who provides training and coaching to organisations in different sectors on how to adapt to changes on their respective markets. She helps companies develop their organisational and business agility through Kanban and the Kanban Maturity Model. Together with David J. Anderson, she is the co-creator of the Kanban Maturity Model and co-author of a book of the same name. 

After the session, we will bid farewell to 2019 by serving refreshments and proposing a holiday toast! 

We hope to see you there!

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