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VI Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Asturias Club: 'Realise that you can' by Irene Villa


The ESADE Alumni Asturias Club is pleased to invite you to their 6th Annual Conference entitled ‘Realise that you can’ by Irene Villa, psychologist, journalist, humanist, motivational speaker and writer.

In the face of adversity, certain thoughts and attitudes can help us survive. It is up to us to overcome any setbacks that may arise in life.

I believe that with determination, optimism and hope, human beings can achieve anything they decide to do. There is no excuse for not trying. I think that the path of happiness and effort is more effective than competition and fear. A sense of humour, responsibility, self-esteem, courage, respect, generosity and perseverance can all help overcome any obstacles too.

More than anything else, I want everyone to know that they can transform what might be a sad or bitter life into in a life full of joy and happiness; that misfortune does not exist if you know how to tackle it bravely; and that the answer is not out there but inside each one of us.

Before the talk, at 18:30 Irene Villa will be signing copies of her book Saber que se puede. The book will be on sale at this event for €15.




Book signing. Saber que se puede with Irene Villa

Welcome and introduction by
Adriano Mones (MBA 00), president of the ESADE Alumni Asturias Club

Speech by:
Belén Pérez-Ullivarri, International Alumni Relations Coordinator ESADE Alumni

Talk ''Realise that you can'' by
Irene Villa, psychologist, journalist, humanist, motivational speaker and writer

Questions and answers
Networking cocktail


Irene Villa

Irene Villa, European Citizenship Ambassador, B.A. in audiovisual communication, psychology and humanities, is the finest example of how to overcome any physical, psychological or career obstacle.

International acclaim for her bravery and courage. Children of Europe award from Lady Diana, Silver Microphone award for ‘Know that you can’ and Madrid Rotary Club Exemplary Award. Has been a candidate for the Prince of Asturias Harmony Award and the Victory Awards in Washington.

Irene Villa is now working as a journalist in different media, is a columnist for the press and works for several radio stations. As an expert in positive psychology, she provided psychological help for victims of the 11M attacks in Madrid.

Irene Villa is a great communicator and a regular speaker in many forums and congresses in Spain and abroad. Her exemplary tale of overcoming obstacles is well-known internationally; who better to motivate and show how to respond to any individual or group challenges.



See you there!

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