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Ever since the WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic on 11 March, the disease has infected millions of people in nearly every country in the world, claiming more than 170,000 lives. In the absence of a coordinated response from global authorities (UN, WHO), each country (including EU members) has responded independently with varying degrees of success, generating “winners” and “losers”. The impact of the coronavirus on health, society, the economy, labour and politics so great that – like the collapse of Lehman Brothers – it has the potential to alter the world order. In this webinar, Prof. Àngel Castiñeira will present a provisional assessment of the early geopolitical impacts of COVID-19, noting that we are not at the beginning of the end but only the end of the beginning of a disruptive event whose full magnitude remains unknown. Esade Alumni is pleased to invite you to this Refresher Programme webinar entitled “COVID-19 and Geopolitics: First Impacts”, led by Àngel Castiñeira (ADE ‘95), Associate Professor in the Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability and Director of the Chair in LeadershipS and Democratic Governance at Esade. Àngel Castiñeira Prof. Castiñeira started teaching at Esade in 1993. He specialises in several fields: - Social philosophy and analysis of the environment. Political philosophy (geopolitical thought, theories of justice, politics and government; multiculturalism and immigration; nationalism and federalism, civil society, the welfare state and social capital; contemporary ideological currents). - Applied ethics (aspects related to business ethics and working with values within organisations, as well as the relationship between values and leadership). - The practice of leadership and its axiological component. Director of the Values Observatory (Lluís Carulla Foundation) since 2007. Director of the Esade-URL Chair in LeadershipS and Democratic Governance since 2006. Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Esade-URL (since 1993), where he served as Director from 2005 to 2014. He has also served as Director of the Centre for Contemporary Studies (Catalan Government, 1998-2004), Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at Ramon Llull University (1990-1994), Director of the Contemporary Studies Collection at Proa (1994-2004) and Director of the journal IDEES: Temes Contemporanis (1999-2004). Professor of Higher Secondary Education Philosophy (1981-1989). We hope to see you there! For more

Language: Spanish

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