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Younger generations are the least environmentally aware. This is one of the main conclusions that Creafutur Foundation reached after its study “Citizens and the circular economy”.
What is this statement based on? What differences are there between different citizen profiles? How can we integrate circular economy in our daily lives? If you want to know the answers to these questions and discover what we can do as a society to evolve towards a circular economy, join this interactive session with the Creafutur Foundation. Speakers: Víctor Moyano:
More than 14 years of experience in trend analysis and market research. He has developed in recent years professionals in projects on urban mobility and circular economy.
Sergi Paniagua:
Experience in the analysis of the evolution of the economy and society. He has participated in numerous projects related to business models and more sustainable consumption and is a certified consultant of the Circulab network, whose objective is to sensitize companies and help them implement circular business models in their activity.

Language: Spanish

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