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"To improve the quality of life of the elderly person with some type of dependency (physical, psychological, social) and social and psychological support to their relatives and caregivers.

Raise awareness about the problems and needs generated by dependency for the elderly and for the family and social environment, specifically, those derived from their own diseases such as Alzheimer's or similar.

Promote fund of economic aid and offer emotional support to people who can not stand on their own, and that neither they nor their families have sufficient economic means.
Develop, within our spaces, the maximum number of services, in order to welcome and serve people with varying degrees of dependency and / or Alzheimer's, with the dedication of our professionals and volunteers, committed and formats, inspired by values of the Ana Ribot Foundation and with the spirit and love of any family home."

Fecha de lanzamiento: January de 2019

Lugar: Barcelona

Categoría del proyecto: Reflexiones estratégicas


Accompany the entity in the development of a strategic plan to cover new services within the entity such as the night center and the day reception center.