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Customer digital engagement: The new marketing edge


The ESADE Alumni Shanghai Chapter is holding a talk by Pau Virgili on Wednesday, May 29th, 'Digital customer engagement: the new marketing edge'.

The digital revolution has completely changed the role of customers. They are no longer passive observers but key actors in building brands. In a world where power is balanced between brands and consumers, true win-win engagement is possible. Consumer energy can be engaged on several levels: consumer insights, message amplification, content co-creation and finally product co-development. We will explore how to connect with customers, how to harness their energy, and the models that work today. We will review the real-life cases of 3M, HP, Go Pro, Red Bull, Gigggaff and the Coca Cola Company.

If you would like to attend, please register by following the link below. If you have any problems registering, please contact

Pau Virgili
Pau Virgili, an expert in new technologies, management and marketing, has considerable management experience in international companies and also as an entrepreneur and consultant. Pau has created technology companies in the areas of m-business and on-line marketing and has carried out consultancy projects in consumer relations management for HP, Nike, Coca Cola and others. Previously, he was the General Manager of Marketing Europe at HP FMCG and Marketing Manager Europe at Plantronics.
Pau Virgili has an MBA (University of Chicago) and is a co-author of the book La reconciliación con el consumidor. Pau has lived and worked in Spain, USA, Germany, France, UK, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and he loves travelling.

Event sponsored by ShinApollo